Sunday, October 5, 2008

Update on Current Project

I went to Gamers' Inn to look at the game postings and think about what I should mention in my own game post to find players.

While there, I saw a flyer for A Gathering of Players. They are the RPGA group for Mesa and they run Living Forgotten Realms games every other Saturday. Long story short, I decided to play and judge LFR to gather my data (for the time being). Playing the pick-up style games of LFR allows me to see a wider variety of characters and tactics and presents situations not created and moderated by myself. I still want to run my Crab Clan vs the Shadowlands game to gather further information and to see what happens when the same people play the game week after week. Both sets of information make up the larger whole.

WotC Forum Quotes

Found these in TheBouncyPherret's signature:

I may not be smarter than a 5th grader, but I'm sure I could kick his ass
-Mike Merles, D&D Podcast Ep. 17; ~21:40

As far as I know the roles are pretty ironclad. The leader will make decisions for the party. The defender will speak up if another party member gets insulted in a tavern. The striker will be primarily responsible for scoring goals. And the controller will monitor air traffic conditions. Says so right in the DMG.

To me, there's nothing in HP and HP recovery that implies that you are always dodging until the final blow. Sometimes a blow pounds you into the dirt and leaves you looking like burger. Sometimes, you're just too Bruce Willis to care.

Seriously, though, how much fun would it be to read these boards if everyone behaved reasonably?

This post was brought to you by the interwebs. Destroying your language since it was invented by Al Gore!
-Calestin Kethal

Common Sense shoots! Rules goes for the block... and misses! Common Sense scores!

That's an easy fix: Your DM politely reminds the player who's running the game, and every time the player starts running his mouth, his character takes d6 + Annoyance modifier damage.

I'm not used to people asking smart questions in Rules Q&A...