Sunday, June 3, 2007

Invisible Touch

The first of 3 posts tonight. I am holding nothing back.

I already discussed how I get ideas from songs. I may have even mentioned this particular idea but I could not find it in a cursory search.

Some time ago, I saw an anime music video featuring the song Invisible Touch by Phil Collins paired with scenes from Elfen Lied and Neon Genesis Evangelion (and perhaps others). Obviously, the video took the 'invisible touch' lyrics literally and added a creepy, gory turn by making such a touch capable of amputating, beheading, and disembowling people. Just as a note, I refer to scenes in anime featuring excessive blood, gore, and disfigurement (such as eyes bulging or limbs twisting unnaturally) as "psycho horror."

Well, based on the song I had a similar idea and the video reinforced and transformed it. It exists only as a kernel within my mind, a single scene. A young woman possesses an invisible touch. Her hand (and perhaps any or all of her body) can phase through flesh and living matter (and maybe other substances). She can manipulate the phasing to the point that she can, as the song details, reach in and grab right hold of your heart. It takes control and slowly tears you apart.

In my mind, she was horrified by her ability and reluctant to use it, at least at first. While the thought of killing someone by literally crushing his heart in her hand repulses her to no end, in this particular scene she is left with no choice. Perhaps I should actually set the scene.

This woman, wearing a skin-tight white jumpsuit with silver designs reminiscent of something sci-fi, kneels next to a fallen soldier. The soldier's helmet has an open visor that reveals an unconscious, perhaps injured man's face. The woman recognizes him as a former close relation, perhaps a brother or lover. Standing over the woman is another man in a Captain Power-esque sci-fi outfit. He scans the surrounding area, wary of approaching hostiles. The background echoes indistinct shouts of warning and alarm. He looks down at the woman, his compatriot, and realizes that the enemy soldier is her relation (whatever it may be). The feeling is that the two animate characters are rebels or infiltrators of some sort. Their plan has gone awry and it is time to leave. However, the soldier, if revived, would be able to identify them. With a pained urging, he says, "You know what's at stake." She is hesitant, agonizing over a choice that is no choice at all. Summoning her strength, she pulls off her gloves, revealing nothing where hands should be. The soldier's body shudders convulsively as she reaches into his chest and grabs hold of his heart. She can hear his heartbeat thundering in her ears as plain as she can feel it pumping in her hands. As she squeezes, the soldier's eyes snap open. He is unable to mount any real resistance, and the scene fades to black as his breath slips away.

That is the scene, more or less. More of an exercise in conflicted feelings between love and duty.

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