Sunday, July 15, 2007

Quick Notes on the Faces of Fear

Goblin Kill-Suit - Equivalent to armor spikes; mounted beneath the skin so they burst through and protrude from the body.

Lying and bribing to convert despite elevating free will choice as supreme - Believes that such deception and manipulation are justified to counteract the same practices by the present order. Not a case of hypocrisy because her efforts lead to ultimate truth instead of illusion. "You must never forget that you have been blinded to the glory of our hidden Lords by the present order. If I have deceived you, it is only with respect to its prior deception. I have lied against a lie in order to bring the truth before your eyes. I see your soul writhe with hunger for truth and reality but it lies confined amidst the webs of the present order's deception, unable to free itself. Composed as they are to keep the truth away, the only weapon with which I am left is deceit. You fight fire with fire. What I have said and what I have done are the knife with which I cut you free from your bonds. I have afforded you the liberty to make your own choice, where before you had none. Standing now free, you can choose of your own will to follow what is true, what is right, and what is real."

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