Saturday, August 4, 2007

Dhezhan - Field of Daggers

This deadly environment resulted from the convalescence of two long-lingering magical auras that hung over the land since Dhezha's fall.

From a distance, the Field of Daggers looks like a large stretch of barren, rocky terrain broken by thousands of jagged shards. These shards range in size from one foot to 10 or more feet tall but are spaced quite generously. Those who learn the field's name apart from its secret often assume that these are the Daggers. However, the daggers are only seen once one steps foot into the field proper. Then, ever step is met by dozens of daggers thrusting up from the ground underneath one's feet. These daggers pierce with every step and prove lethal to all but the quickest and most dexterous intruder. As a result, the perimeter of the Field of Daggers is often littered with bones, the carcasses picked clean by scavengers who know the danger of the fields.

In reality, the daggers are shards of rock that jut from the ground as with a spike stones spell. The second magical effect is a lingering aura of illusory magic that causes the stones to appear as daggers constantly thrusting from the stone. This illusion has no effect other than the change in appearance and is meant to accomplish nothing beyond the simple pinch of added flavor from magical daggers stabbing your feet instead of spiked shards of rock.

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