Thursday, September 4, 2008

Current Project

So my current project is playing Legend of the Five Rings using 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. The point of this, in part, is to help familiarize myself with 4e and get an experiential handle on the system's balance so I can start work on my Avatar: The Last Airbender bending class.

I am going to use the Scales of War adventure path from Dungeon Magazine because the first two adventures fit my idea for a Crab war party entering the Shadowlands very well. The first adventure features a band of hobgoblins raiding Brindol and absconding with several people as well as some artifacts of the war against the Red Hand of Doom. That sounds like a Shadowlands raid against a border town. The second adventure concerns a gathering orc army outside of Bordrin's Watch and their attempts to bypass that keep through the tunnels that run underneath it through the mountain. This sounds like a gathering army of Shadowlands creatures trying to get past an outpost of the Kaiu Wall by navigating the Kaiu's own tunnels beneath the wall.

Despite what I just said, I am not sure if the campaign will take place before or after the battle with the Maw and the building of the Kaiu Wall. I am going to tentatively say yes because the adventure path presumes a prior invasion by the Red Hand of Doom and it fits right in with the invasion of Crab Lands by the Maw. My final decision will come in another week or two when I see the third Scales of War adventure. While I originally wanted to use 12th level characters for the greater variety and amount of powers, if these adventures keep being so perfectly adaptable I will want to start at 1st level.

I also want to make a cool campaign introduction sheet/advertisement. Remember that this started out as an attempt to get back into a regular game when the rest of my group decided to stop for a while. So I was going to put up an ad in Gamers' Inn to find some players.

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