Sunday, June 14, 2009

Anything Goes Martial Arts Adventuring Company

Some of the guys from my RPGA group want to start an adventuring group consisting entirely of characters based on Ranma 1/2.

Ryoga was taken so I decided to make either Mousse or Pantyhose Taro.

My first idea for Mousse was a ranger or tempest fighter with dual flails (or a double flail) since the iconic Mousse attack is a spray of chains and ropes and darts from each of his sleeves. Then I figured an avenger who oaths one enemy but attacks another since Mousse constantly confuses people due to his bad eyesight. Finally, I considered a druid because Mousse is the only main character who can still fight effectively in animal form and he has a number of area attacks that he can use at range (exploding duck eggs, water balloons, etc). I basically decided on a tempest fighter with a spiked chain used as a double weapon. The exact same character build would work equally well as a ranger.

Pantyhose Taro was much easier to decide. He was a barbarian or a warden who uses the rage or form daily powers to simulate his ox-crane-eel-yeti form.

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