Monday, July 6, 2009

Gluttony Spell

Had an idea for a spell while eating a hot dog.

The spell is a magical compulsion to consume one's body weight in food by the end of the day. According to a quick google search, humans only consume about 1/20 their body weight in food. As such, a 20-fold increase in diet would likely rupture the stomach.

I imagine Saren Kollmer would use this gluttonous curse on rich and poor alike. The rich have the means to actually kill themselves before day's end while the poor would die more slowly, having consumed the entirety of their pantry.

The subject of the curse is driven to eat continuously. Water and other libations will be taken as needed but a diet of just liquids would not be satiating to the curse. The cursed individual craves staple foods like bread, meat, and cheese along with fruits and vegetables. Given the choice between a bowl of apples and a bowl of mashed potatoes, he would choose the potatoes (more fat, more starch, more salt).

Deprived of food, the cursed individual would be driven to eat other edible substances (bark, leather, dirt), developing the condition pica. In extreme circumstances (or deprived of food while possessing a mirror), the cursed individual would begin to feast upon his own limbs to sate the hunger.

This last is Saren's personal favorite outcome. If she casts this spell on a kidnapped victim, she will allow him to gorge on rotten food, then non-food items, and finally place him in front of a mirror and watch him eat himself to death.

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