Friday, October 9, 2009

Crab Clan Army Composition

Your unit designation is 7th Squadron, Reserve Company, 25th Legion, First Army. Reserve companies, in Crab armies and all Rokugani armies, consist of specialized troops like shugenja, yojimbo (bodyguards for shugenja), siege engineers, and cavalry. Typically each specialty is confined into its own squadrons (1st squadron is all shugenja, 2nd squadron is all siege engineers, and these squadron number about 20 people each) but your group is one of a number of newly formed squads consisting of mixed troops intended for flexible point support and special operations (i.e. doing PC stuff).

Going from the ground up:

Squad - about 5 people, led by nikutai (corporal)
Squadron (guntai) - about 20 people, led by gunso (sergeant)
Company (kaisha; reserve company is yobihei kaisha) - 7 squadrons and command staff, about 150 people, led by chui (lieutenant)
Legion (daibutai) - 4 companies + reserve company + command, about 750 people, led by taisa (captain/commander)
Army (go-hatamoto) - 48 legions and command, about 36,000 people, led by rikugunshokan (general)

You need not remember any of the Rokugani terms or even any of that. Just for your information. And if I remember correctly, army rank comes after name. I am basing this on Keroro Gunso, which means Sgt. Frog in Japanese. So it would be Yasuki Mai nikutai.

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