Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mundane Magic Equipment

I am reading the Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide and several of the magic items are obviously intended as upgrades to decidedly mundane equipment (e.g. a magic bead that transforms into a campfire).

This concept is not new (everburning torches have been around for quite some time) but I like the idea and think it would fit well with Sandbox Trokair. Wyndhaven was established from the supplies intended to make several colonies and, given the scope of the operation, it is not unfathomable that certain of these mundane magic items would be included among the them (particularly, they were probably meant to be used by cartographers and soldiers on patrol).

Price would restrict their use by the PCs at early levels, helping to establish the unknown, wild frontier theme of the campaign. However, searching for food, water, and shelter is only "fun" for so long.

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