Monday, April 23, 2007

Dream People

I am moving this from the comments section below to its own post. It explains why.
I cannot access my blog's administrative functions from work due to the web filter. Ergo, I cannot add new posts. However, the stupid web filter does not block me from reading or commenting on my own blog so I can add content through comments and change them over to actual posts later.The following idea came about while reading the section on Dreams and Nightmares in Heroes of Horror.

Idea - A race of humanoids that are very closely connected to their dreams and the dream world. Through physical contact, they can enter another's dreamscape. If both are sleeping while in contact, they jointly create a dreamscape wherein neither is dominant to the other (entering another's dreamscape puts you somewhat under his control as it is his dream). This linking in the dreamscape is of utmost importance to their marital relation. Husband and wife spend, essentially, every waking and dreaming moment with each other. An intense bond of empathy and love develops from and is sustained by this daytime and dreamtime contact. Permission to sleep in physical proximity to one of these creatures is extended only to the most intimate of relations (best friends, family, and lovers) due to the nature of the emotional bonds created.

So powerful is this bond that, combined with the semi-reality of the dreamscape, the race procreates through dreams. In the physical world, they possess no external genitalia. Within the shared dreamscape of a husband and wife, however, the pair is able to reshape their bodies and mate. This act results in the female becoming impregnated in the physical world.These creatures, because they retain consciousness even while unconscious and in the dreamscape, would have radically different outlooks on life. They are highly learned and experienced as they get nearly if not truly a 24 hour day every day.

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