Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Five Ws

Who? - A roleplaying gamer and completely amateur rpg material designer. I am also an administrator of and irregular contributor to the Ptolus fansite Delver's Square.

What? - A blog wherein I can make a greater effort to transfer my poorly scrawled notes from scraps of paper to a more permanent, organized, easily edited, and shared format.

When? - From now into possible perpetuity.

Where? - Here.

Why? - I have literal stacks of papers, from folded packets of full sheets to torn scraps, bearing creative thoughts spilled from my head during work, school, or other activities outside my home. These notes only rarely find themselves collected, collated, edited, and typed into my computer. As such, they rarely find themselves elaborated upon and shared with others. I want to change that.

A note and pledge for myself - I only care to type one thing I have written each day. If I do not have the time or inspiration to create something during any particular day, I may not add anything to this blog or I may take an old note and post it. I do not have to elaborate upon my writing. If I were to promise that, it would be the deathblow for this blog because elaboration on my part is a tedious and often frustrating endeavour when I am not with my muse. However, as the existence of this blog is meant to format my ideas for easier elaboration, and as I am prone to even excessive amounts of elaboration when my muse strikes, I am not forbidden from inconsistently elaborating upon my writings.

A note for any readers - Know that I write here for myself, not for you. That being said, I love comments. I especially love questions.

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