Monday, April 28, 2008

The Eve of Burning Devils

In the Northern provinces, citizens maintain a long-standing
tradition, called the Eve of Burning Devils. This archaic
holiday is so ancient that nobody remembers where or why
it started, but most believe that the ceremony started when a
group of devils were chased out of town.
During the holiday, local citizens run through the crowded
streets carrying flaming barrels of tar, which they relay to
randomly selected runners. The runners plow through the
streets, pushing onlookers aside to clear a path. Still, it is a
great honor to be chosen as a runner and hopefuls clamor
toward the flaming barrels, anxious to be chosen to partake
in the ritual. The ritual ends when the last runners clear the
village and roll their tar barrels into the nearby lake.

Adventure Hook: As the adventurers watch, the last tar bearer
clears the city, but arrows fired from a nearby copse of willow
trees kill her before she can reach the lake. In the eerie light of
the swiftly spreading fire, a two-headed giant in chainmail lifts
a heavy fist and screams, “Tonight the devils are with ye!”


This would be a peasant festival in Aelonia. The two-headed giant has company, either actual demons or a group of monsters and cultists.

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