Thursday, April 24, 2008

LordHawk likes me

In a post at Magi-Soft's forums, Anthon said that O-Gaming was no more and that MTGTemple should now replace O-Gaming's links on the MagicWorkstation pages.

I went to visit MtGTemple and, while in their IRC chat room, met LordHawk, a player and judge I had known from Magic-League while I was a judge there.

Another player, named Revik, entered the room and said "hi". I said hello back. He commented on me being a "random person". Then LordHawk awoke:

would be staff here
if he was coming here when we started this
I like strovil
good guy

I happen to like LordHawk too. It was seeing his name on the MtGTemple homepage that made me investigate deeper.

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