Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Asp's Poisons and Cloak

Achewound: This was the first magically enhanced poison produced by the Asp and the wizard-cultist Warrick. In addition to its normal effects, any creature with the poison in its system (which lasts one minute from exposure) ceases to heal naturally (including extraordinary healing abilities such as regeneration and fast healing); magical healing is unaffected. It draws its name from the stinging sensation it imparts to an injury. A group of Plagueborn commissioned the poison to aid them in an attack on the trolls that guard the King’s River.

The persistent effect is a supernatural ability and, as such, does not function within a dead magic zone. The poison, however, is extraordinary and will continue to affect the inflicted creature.

Achewound – Injury DC 15; Persistent effect*; Initial dmg 1 Con; Secondary dmg 1d2 Con; 500 gp
*Prevents natural healing, regeneration, and fast healing for 1 minute from exposure

Asp’s Bite: The function and efficacy imparted to Achewound by Warrick’s magic so impressed the Asp that he set about refining the poison. His contribution to Achewound had consisted of little more than supplying the greenblood oil to be enhanced and its success wounded his pride. Utilizing concentrated black adder venom and further treating the resulting Achewound, the Asp created far more potent toxin that he christened Asp’s Bite.

Asp’s Bite – Injury DC 18; Persistent effect*; Initial dmg 1d6 Con; Secondary dmg 1d6 Con; 1,500 gp
*Prevents natural healing, regeneration, and fast healing for 1 minute from exposure

Weeping Cloak: After the success of Achewound, the Asp and Warrick set out to create a permanently poisoned magic item. They settled on a cloak after Warrick recalled the cursed cloak of poisonousness. The idea intrigued the Asp but he hated the idea of granting an instant death. Instead, he described a cloak that would entice the wearer to repeatedly poison himself and others.

The Weeping Cloak is a woolen garment of dull grey color. It appears always soaked through and, in fact, constantly drips liquid from the lowest edge to the ground below. This liquid is harmless until the cloak is worn, at which time it becomes a potent contact poison. Anyone donning the cloak must make an immediate Fort save (DC 20) or suffer 1d2 Con damage. This save need only be repeated once every 24 hours if the cloak is worn continuously. Any attempt to collect the poison as it drips or by wringing out the cloak is in vain; the poison evaporates as quickly as it escapes.

Once worn, the cloak can be used to poison an opponent in melee combat. The wearer makes a melee touch attack as an attack action. Anyone struck by the cloak in such a way must make a Fort save (DC 13) or suffer 1 point of Con damage. This attack is treated as a light weapon.

Moderate necromancy; CL 7th; Craft Wondrous Item, poison; Price 8,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.

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