Sunday, May 25, 2008

Saren's Shared Pain

Since I was just thinking about their unique attributes, I remembered something for Saren that I asked on OYT a long time ago.

I wanted a spell that caused the victim to take half the damage dealt to the caster. I did not want it to be a willing target. What Saren does is force her victims to take half her damage, then she tortures herself. This is sadomasochism at its purest.

The effect is Share Pain, Forced psionic power from the SRD. She would have it as a divine spell and would have crafted it into a torture implement such as shackles that either link her and her victim together (one wrist from each) or paired shackles that they each wear.

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Eldric IV said...

Saren utilizes all of the torture devices listed on the blog such as the pear and the Four Winds.