Monday, May 5, 2008

Book of Experimental Might II

This just came out tonight and I am giving it the once over.

Two new feats intrigue me right from the start.

Accept Attack - you allow an enemy to hit you (automatic hit, no attack roll) and in exchange you hit him automatically for max damage

Berserk Attack - you can subtract an amount from your armor class (up to your BAB or your total AC, whichever is less) and add it to your damage rolls

Since you are going to be hit automatically with Accept Attack, your AC does not matter for Berserk Attack. Plus, you get to attack people multiple times for automatic maximum damage for the low low price of some hit points (which you have more of thanks to BoXM health and grace rules). Combine this with the Stalwart Defense domain's basic power (extra hp equal to hit die + con mod) and you get one bad mofo.

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Eldric IV said...

A first level dwarf fighter with 20 constitution and Stalwart Defense has 50 hit points.

20 con + 10 hd + 5 con mod + 10 bonus hd + 5 bonus con mod.