Friday, January 2, 2009

How they met Candle Jakk

This post will explain how each of my other three warlords met Candle Jakk and came to be candlekeepers in CJMAC:

Wick - Wick saw Candle Jakk in Cormyr right before Jakk explored the Haunted Halls in search of the Princess. Their meeting was brief and not at all intimate, as Jakk was proselytizing a sizeable group of young adventurers as Wick's carriage passed by, but his message and his passion for the cause lit a fire in Paelias Melianome's soul. He unsuccessfully argued with his father to be allowed to leave Myth Drannor and join Candle Jakk in Cormyr. He snuck away later that night but was unable to locate Candle Jakk as the latter had been transported to the Elemental Chaos in the portal chamber of the dungeon. Wick set out across Faerun to track down the genasi warlord, along the way picking up bits and pieces of his exploits. It was then that Wick took the name Wick in homage to Candle Jakk. Wick has never met with Candle Jakk since that first glimpse but he has constructed an elaborate persona within his mind. Whenever he fails to live up to what he feels is Candle Jakk's standard, he cuts himself as punishment. He became a Candlekeeper by popular decision. Candles in the area thought he actually knew Candle Jakk and they attributed to him an intimacy and authority he lacks in actuality.

Qhaeless - Fought beside Candle Jakk in Tymanther against a young dragon that was driving bands of goblins and kobolds out of the ruins and wilderness and into the towns. During the fight, Candle Jakk noticed that Qhaeless was trying to do everything himself. He showed no trust in his companions and nearly died after being surrounded because no one was watching his back. Jakk taught him to complement his allies' fighting styles and how to turn his pride and bravado into a weapon rather than a hindrance. Qhaeless took big risks and left himself open to attack. But with cooperation and trust, he could turn his risks into openings for his allies. Candle Jakk gladly takes risks to benefit his friends but such risks must always be tempered with wisdom and caution. Giving a fighter an opening at the cost of your life is not a good trade. Candle Jakk's parting words as he left Tymanther behind him were, "Your's is a light that will pierce the darkness." The Candles he left behind in Tymanther heard this and began to look up to Qhaeless.

Unnamed Tiefling (Shiqoheleth?) -

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