Friday, January 2, 2009

Life and Death

An American Dad episode I watched yesterday was about how Agent Smith had never actually killed anyone. His family thought he was cool for being a stone-cold killer and so he kept up appearances.

The part that got me, however, was that his wife was turned on by the idea of him killing someone. She told him not to wash his hands off after the killing and enticed him to their bedroom. I saw in this a curious duality. I pondered this.

A husband and wife are typically fecund in their relationship. But what if the woman desired that the man with whom she would create life should come having ended one? Why? I figured that she saw some mystic connection in the act - her man would end the life of another and thus bring that life force to her in the marital act so that they could together create a new life. Rather than a fact of alternate biology ("I can only conceive if you bring the soul energy"/"there can only be 1 billion people so any pregnancy must be preceded by a death"), I saw it as a certain arrogance ("that life energy is wasted on others; only our offspring deserve to have it").

This, of course, grew into a fantastic relationship that at the extreme consisted of an alien entity (more fey creature or far realms entity than extraterrestrial) that gathered soul energy for a living black hole (a 1-3 foot orb of darkness rather than a singularity). The creature would venture forth to kill people with the requisite energy type to then feed to its beloved mistress. The creature's entire world would be the safety and propagation of this black hole. The mysterious black hole, on the other hand, would show no signs of sentience/consciousness/volition while still seeming malevolent. The whole idea gives a sense that neither the humans investigating the creature and its mistress nor the creature itself truly understand the origin, nature, and aims of the singularity. It is beyond their ken, much as the Cthulhu mythos draws its horror from the mystery of things the human mind is incapable of comprehending. A silent, brooding, incomprehensible black hole with a tinge of malevolence despite a complete lack of activity.

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