Saturday, May 12, 2007

Heartbeat Music

One of my old characters is a superhero I invented while in biology class. His super/mutant power is the ability to take total, conscious control of any of his bodily and cellular functions. His brain differs slightly from the human norm, allowing him to juggle the functions of his entire cellular make-up at once (although it required a lot of practice and plenty of concentration to go that far).

Because of this control, he is as much at the peak of human physical conditioning as Captain America (and maybe even moreso since his is not a simple baseline but a constantly updating, interactive machine).

That is enough for the backstory. Today's creative thought came about, once again, while I was listening to the radio on the way to work. Unlike my last, my current car radio has a dial for adjusting the bass. And songs such as Invisible Touch by Genesis and Rock Star by Nickelback (not sure if that is the real title) sound exceptionally well with the bass at a higher level than normal (but not maximum; I want to hear the music, not be bludgeoned by it).

I noticed how my body involuntarily moved along with the music (swaying, foot-tapping, etc) and I thought about my biological super-soldier having a similar but problematic reaction. While he was still learning to use his powers (he started with controlling entire organs and worked his way to specific intercellular functions), he found that he would subconsciously sync his heartbeat to the rhythm of music.

That would be freaky.

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