Saturday, May 5, 2007

I am Invincible!

I had this idea months ago but the song played on the way to work so I will type it up now anyway.

I listened to the song Invincible by Pat Benetar and it brought to mind an alien planet torn by war and oppression. One alien race is subjugated to another, stronger race. An individual is trying to inspire a small group of disaffected peers to fight back. They have a legend about a hero called Invincible. No one believes Invincible is real because they ended up in this situation and he never appeared to help. This individual, however, believes he can renew the spirit of the people by fighting as the mythic Invincible.

Such a ploy would likely result in his quick death so the cooperative martyrdom of this group would be required to maintain the image of Invincible. He dies but another takes his place immediately, so Invincible remains so. And so on and so on until the war is won.Unbeknownst to this individual, his group, and his entire race, this exact ploy is how the original legend of Invincible was created long in the past.

Also, just to note, I love Pat Benetar.

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