Monday, May 7, 2007

Quotable Quotes

This will be pretty short.

I have a book of quotes called Zingers. It is filled with short, one-line sayings for Christians, especially ministers for using in sermons. I pulled it out of the bookshelf one day a few months ago because my brother was culling quotes to use in D&D from a boardgame he bought (the game is full of quotes from all different cultures). I read Zingers with the same aim in mind. I must have stopped pretty early in the book because my notes from that day (remember how I mentioned I had a pile of scraps with notes?) only have three quotes:

1. "Those who would not walk in the dark are often found strolling in the shade." Light and darkness as metaphors for good and evil are ample in D&D and my campaign world is no exception. I can see a paladin saying this to the party rogue after he suggested a less-than-virtuous course of action.

2. "Glory is the shadow of virtue." Another paladin quote. Of course, as a book written for Christians, the source material is slanted in that direction.

3. "Steel loses its strength when it loses its temper." I believe I slightly rewrote this quote from the one in the book but the meaning remained the same. It is a dwarven warning to remain calm and not let anger get the best of one.

I decided to type this up for two reasons. One, I did not create anything at work today and two, I had a whole sheet of paper sitting around with just the three quotes written on it.

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