Monday, September 17, 2007

And through to Faerie

When I first read the previews for the new World of Darkness version of Changeling, I started creating a character in my mind based on the bone-shaper creature I posted earlier. Soon after, I had a vivid dream in which I came across a girl who was emotionally if not physically trapped within a secret club. Throughout the dream, I accomplished amazing feats in an effort to find and free her (the one I remembered most upon waking was wrestling a crocodile).

I decided to use that dream as further inspiration for my character and gave him the overarching goal of returning to Faerie to free a young girl he saw there just prior to or actually during his escape. He does not know why he feels such a drive to rescue her or why such thoughts haunt his dreams (especially given the control changelings are supposed to exhibit over their own dreams)but he has resigned himself to the task. Of course, if he were to share his goal with any of the changelings in his freehold, court, or even motley, he would be considered a dangerously insane individual. Who the hell would even so much as joke about returning to Faerie?

Last night I finished reading about the entitlements and, while none of the existing ones are a good fit for him, the section on creating entitlements gave me an idea. While it would not be something I would aim for in play (unless the Storyteller really liked the idea), it could be cool as an element in my own chronicle:

You only need five like-minded changelings to create an entitlement. My character spent years traveling the world and finding the few sane (or, at least, not entirely insane) changelings who were sympathetic to an eventual return to Faerie. Those of the Summer Court, with their insinuated goal of ultimately bringing the war to the Others' domain, would be obvious targets. The entitlement he founded is publicly known as an order of rangers that pledge to patrol and explore the Hedge. They are advance scouts against the incursions of the True Fae, rescue workers finding and leading newly escaped changelings through the dangers of the Hedge to the freehold, and cartographers constantly mapping and remapping the paths of the Hedge.

All of this is just the public face of the order. While they accomplish the above tasks to the best of their ability, their true aim in mapping and mastering the Hedge (to the extent either can be done) is preparing a way back to Faerie. All within the order are forbidden by pledge from sharing the order's true purpose with anyone outside the order.

The entitlement is known as The Order of Hedge-bound Rangers or the Hedge-bound Order. Its members are referred to as Rangers by those outside the Order and Brother/Sister to those within it.

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