Sunday, September 30, 2007

Stroking My Ego

I am not the only person who really enjoyed my posts. These are a few of the comments left in response:

Thanks for the great read, Strovil.
What a wonderful report! You have a very enjoyable writing style. I want more!
Man, when I read the title to this thread, I thought "this sounds like Eldric" and a split second later my eye had scanned right and confirmed my intuition.

Feel my disappointment then, when it wasn't an article BY Eldric, like the last one about his pre-release match domination, but instead another referral. I appreciate the links, but they never live up to the standard set by Eldric that day. I guess the pro's are at a disadvantage; it's hard to stay fresh when you have to write articles all the time.

PS You know, I finally played Hecatomb this weekend, and I think that game would suit Eldric perfectly.

PPS And Eldric, that spoiler trick is cool. You are like, the HTML MASTER!

This last part is not a quote but simply a statement: Planeswlk really liked my rogue decks (as previously posted) and apparently he played with each of them for several weeks, trying out his own changes, after I posted the lists on the forum. He never had as much luck as myself with most of them, likely because I posted the lists after the deck was tuned for the current field but just prior to a change in the metagame (e.g. Yukora & Friends was posted just before Guildpact came out so he was playing Y&F against an all new set of decks).

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